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Start by loving yourself and your body will follow!

Loving yourself is seen as selfish I know. I am not referring to loving yourself in an egotistical way, no. I am referring to it from a heart-felt, respected, living life to the fullest way.

We are taught in society that to love yourself is wrong. If it means you are selflessly snapping pictures of yourself, being arrogant, only care about yourself and couldn't give a care for those around you then yet that is selfish, I agree.

I am referring to listing to what your body needs most. Often these are basic steps to get started.

Read on for 5 tips to kick start your self respect and start the love journey with yourself.

1. Choose a partner who respects you.

You know the first place all of us tend to throw self-respect out the window? Yes it's bad relationships. I speak to countless people who have so much to offer but are stuck in a relationship that forces them to compromise some part of themselves and live in a state of numbing self-sacrifice. They need to muster up the self-respect to start over. Though scary, ending a relationship will be less painful than being with a partner who doesn't want or isn't capable of giving you what you need. Toxic relationships are more health damaging so call it a day when you need to. Life is to short to be sad.

2. Know that you are not your genes.

You could spend a lifetime untying the knots of your family life. Conversely, at any point, you can reflect on your childhood influences and declare, "This is not my story. I am not my genes." Genes can be switched on or off so by making good health and the right health decisions means you have complete control to change your future.

3. Let whatever you get done today be enough.

Show self-respect means not being overly self-critical, judgmental, or restrictive. It's so easy to chain ourselves to a to-do list and then gauge our worthiness on its completion. Take one step at a time. Slow and steady gets you to your health goals.

4. Learn to say no.

Letting others know what isn’t OK doesn’t make you a bad person; it makes you a strong and respectable person. When you stop saying yes to things you don’t want to do, you create more time and energy to engage with the activities and people that do make you happy. Take time to think about what you need too. If you are in a good place then you will be able to help more people.

5. Figure out what makes you respect yourself.

First, look within and question what practices make you feel your absolute best. Then, pay yourself the respect of prioritizing them daily. For example, exercising regularly, starting every day with a green juice, and being under the covers by 10 p.m. are all ways I show myself respect for example. This will be different for everyone.

Want to see how I can help you feel healthier about yourself?

Why not book a no charge 30 minute Health and Energy review with me. Click on the button below to book a time and date to suit.

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