What is Nutritional Therapy & Functional Medicine

Have you been trying to understand your own health or that of someone you love or care for? Do you keep coming back to Why are they unwell? Why is it not getting better or why has this happened or what can I do to make this better? Or are you stuck in a rut because doctors have not been able to identify the root cause of your symptoms? Or are you keen to know how prevention is better than cure? Naturopathic Nutrition and Functional medicine can give you the answers. I work with clients Nationally in the UK and Internationally online to guide and take them on a journey to better overall health and together we work to achieve health goals.


I work alongside you to support symptoms associated with many health conditions:

  • Pain and headaches

  • Stress

  • Immune Health

  • Hormones

  • Brain and cognition

  • Digestive

  • Detoxification and Liver support

  • Cardiovascular

  • Bone and joint

  • Mental

  • Skincare

  • Weight management

  • Women's Health

  • Mens Health

I believe in order to achieve wellness, you must first establish the cause of the imbalance. Treating the symptoms does not alleviate the underlying problem. It is like planting flowers in an overgrown garden without checking what is lurking beneath the overgrowth and whether the soil is suitable for what you intend to grow. We must first clear out the areas of overgrowth in the garden, check, prepare and investigate the condition of the soil is before we start planting. This is the approach I take with Naturopathic Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Herbal Medicine. I investigate to get to the deep root cause of your imbalance and support you to make dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, use supplements and herbs were needed and functional testing where necessary to support a deficiency or to correct an imbalance. 

My work is 100% personalised to you my client. Using Naturopathic Nutrition, science-based evidence from my ongoing studying in Functional medicine and Green Pharmacy from my Herbal Medicine studying, I treat you as a whole person. Naturopathic Nutrition and Functional medicine are unique approaches to person-centred care, rather than disease focused.

I look forward to working together with you to make positive changes to your health. Get in touch and lets take action together to get you to the best of health.

Best of Health

Neha Deol